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Antik wine glass with decor

1 100,00 krPrice
  • The mouth-blown wine glass from Reijmyre's iconic Antik collection is manufactured in the same way as 200 years ago. The glowing glass mass is formed with simple tools, and the shimmering air bubble in the leg is created with the help of water vapor which is formed when you quickly let a damp stick of wood meet the hot glass mass.

    The beautiful weight of the glass, the generous foot, the straight silhouette of the cup and the air bubble in the leg together create a very classic glass with obvious historical references. Each glass is unique and of high quality that lasts for generations.

    The glass is available both with and without engraved decor. The exclusive engraving is done entirely by hand and requires a great deal of craftsmanship. Antik is one of Sweden's most appreciated glass series, and in addition to different types of glasses, the collection also includes a jug, a carafe, a bowl and a vase.


    • Color: clear, with engraved decor
    • Volume: 8 cl / 20 cl / 25 cl
    • Height: 12 cm / 16.5 cm / 18 cm
    • Width: 5.1 cm / 6.4 cm / 6.9 cm
    • Care instructions: wash by hand or in dishwasher
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