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Braiser - 30CM

6 800,00 krPrice
  • Not as tall as a stockpot, but taller than a frying pan, with a wide bottom and straight-up sides, a large braiser is a true kitchen must-have for anyone who is feeding a large family or who loves to entertain. Designed to start on the stovetop then seamlessly transition to the oven, it features a lid to retain cooking liquid and soften tough meats.

    Made with best-in-class clad stainless steel: a thick core of super conductive aluminum alloy guarantees great responsiveness, ensuring food will not burn or overcook. The inside is lined in brushed stainless steel, practical and easy to clean, whilst the external stainless steel layer is induction-ready and hammered by our master artisans to ensure lasting beauty. The stainless steel handles are decorated with delicate leaves and the lid is crowned by a garlic and pea pod shaped knob, silver plated by our partner silversmiths in Milan.
    Induction compatible.

    Made in Italy.

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