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Guardian Angel - Small

748,00 krPrice
  • Please note: We only sell and ship Skultuna to Switzerland

    The Guardian Angel is attributed to Carl-Einar Borgström who designed it during the 1940s as a protective symbol in difficult times. Carl-Einar Borgström (1914-1981) was a sculptor trained at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm, he designed a wide range of products, mainly for Ystad Metall. The guardian angel is gold plated and needs only to be wiped with a damp cloth every once in a while to keep its luster through the ages. Designed 1940s.

    • DESIGN Carl-Einar Borgström
    • BRAND Skultuna 1607
    • MATERIAL Plated Brass
    • MEASUREMENTS H 90mm B 60mm Ø 35mm
    • ART NO 23
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