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Kitchen Jar - 1LT

530,00 krPrice
  • Finally, a kitchen organizer that is as beautiful as it is functional! The medium kitchen jar is perfect for storing any kind of flour, rice, grains and legumes, preserving their freshness thanks to the silicone gasket. Great also for gifting, as-is or filled with delicious homemade candied nuts, crunchy granola or espresso-quality coffee. Keep it out on display next to your favorite Ruffoni stockpot, alone or paired with its smaller and larger siblings for an impressive countertop set.

    The body of the jar is made of glass, so you can see what's stored inside, keep track of your stock and ensure you never run out. The lid — in the best Ruffoni tradition — is made of solid copper, and the handmade bronze knob features a delicate artichoke shape to bring a bit of Italy to your home.

    Made in Italy.

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