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Nurture Watering Can design Ilse Crawford

1 798,00 krPrice
  • Please note: We only sell and ship Skultuna to Switzerland

    Nurture collection, by Ilse Crawford for Skultuna. A brass watering can and brass and ceramic plant pots that respond to the growing desire to bring plants, greenery, and life into our homes or workspaces with beautiful objects that encourage us to take care of them. They are a daily reminder to give attention to our plants. In particular, the watering can celebrate and elevates what can be a tedious task, bringing happiness through repeated use. Brass has been chosen to reflect light and its surroundings. Ceramics in black, green and chocolate create an earthy foil for your pet plants. These materials will age beautifully and witness ‘time’ in their appearance.

    • BRAND Skultuna 1607
    • MATERIAL Polished Brass
    • MEASUREMENTS H: 165 mm Ø: 170mm, 1,5 L
    • ART NO 622
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